Julian Plimley is the founder and lead photographer of Julian Plimley Photography. He has worked on some of the most reputable architectural, interior design, and luxury real estate projects worldwide. Julian’s photography and affiliated marketing companies have assisted in many of his clients reaching award-winning status and breaking records year after year in their respective industries.

Some of his accomplishments over the last five years include being featured in international magazines and news publications. He has been recognized by many Instagram enterprises, most notably being in the top ten photographers in Vancouver, chosen by Narcity and featured by Canon Canada, his brand of choice. He is a frequent contributor to Daily Hive Vancouver and Urbanized Van. He is the Director of Photography for Luxury Listings Instagram page, the largest social media platform for development and design with over 2 million followers worldwide.

Julian holds a B.A in Visual Art with a focus on architecture. He started his career in film but soon found his passion lay in capturing architecture and design. Through his work with Vancouver's top industry leaders, Julian is responsible for helping to create the photographic standards for luxury architectural photography in Vancouver.